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December 03 2014


Key to Starting a Own Clothing Company

Starting a own private label clothing clients are much less difficult because you can think. I guarantee you how the founding individuals Volcom, Paul Frank, Hurley and Von Dutch, usually are not mad geniuses of favor. You are able to duplicate their rise to brand stardom provided that there is a following: Clothing

1. A good logo

2. Creative concepts and graphics - Design Talent

3. An original, blank apparel supplier

4. A significant screen printer

5. A Line Sheet to show potential buyers

6. Sales and promotional talent.

Which do you imagine is most important? Its obviously design talent you say? Are you Joking? You have to be joking. Have you stepped out of our home recently? Have you seen Von Dutch clothing? Crayon weilding Chimpanzes produce better designs. Furthermore, I imagine the monkeys are more sanitary, however digress.

#6 is clearly the main element. You can create a whole distinctive line of fashion forward, beautiful clothing but if you can't pitch it - nobody will ever see it (excluding your mom of course). So, until you want a closet packed with your fantastic designs, consider the following two questions:

Can I sell?

Put simply......can one hit the pavement with my line sheet and head into every boutique clothing store I can find? Then can i harass the hell away from retail clothing store buyers to ensure that they'll try to squeeze A few minutes of your time set for me at Magic 06' (Clothing Convention) ?

Can i be able to make an expert presentation to a Nordstroms buyer?

May i promote?

Is it necessary and inventive viral or gureilla marketing tips to understand this label kickstarted?

When the answer to both of these questions isn't any - you should get some good help. Namely, hire a company passionate for fashion who also happens to be ridiculously outgoing, great on the phone and aggressive as hell. Lastly, (and superficially) it could help if your sales rep is hot.

Don't be the product, buy the product!